by Robert Gebka

Robert, the author of Managing Depression with Mindfulness for Dummies, a former Zen Buddhist monk is a mindfulness consultant & director of the Dorset Mindfulness Centre. He spent five years living and working at the Nan Hua Buddhist monastery where he facilitated mindfulness meditation and work-life balance workshops & retreats.

When we learn and work with mindfulness in our own lives we will encounter stubborn and old ways of relating, mental habits that are in many ways obstacles to seeing things clearly. These are all the old ways of relating to both ourselves, others and the world, ways which no longer serve us. Im am not sure if you can relate to this yourself but I find it funny as on one side we want these to dissolve and be free of these old patterns yet on another side we are attached to them and do not want to let them go. How can we begin to let go of things that do not support our wellbeing or is it at first instance a matter of letting it be rather than letting it go?

The art of innovation
Mindfulness is like this guy in the picture offering the guys with the cart on squares a new way of relating yet they completely miss the opportunity, hehe funny and sad. How is it for you? Do you resonate with this or is it different for you.