MBSR Mindfulness Teacher Training Phases

Phase 1: This is the group based training component (comprising of MBSR teacher theory and practice) covering all elements within the MBSR curriculum as well as its broader context of Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBIs).

This phase is 6 months in duration (one weekend per month, Saturday & Sunday or Sunday only depending on your chosen training pathway). Phase 1 of the training can be completed either via Pathway A, B or C. The remainder of the training phases are the same for all pathways.

In addition to this you will be requested to complete a four hour, online, live Zoom volunteering placement, a one day CPD weekend free mindful movement & Zoom facilitation masterclass training (9.30am – 5.30pm) as well as a A 5-day (can be divided into two 2.5 day retreats) teacher-led, live, online, Zoom interactive meditation mindfulness retreat. Our retreat meets the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) for Mindfulness Based Teachers. Click here for more details.

Phase 2: This is the MBSR practicum component where you will be supported to teach two 8-Week MBSR courses under supervision. The mindfulness supervision is conducted via Video chat or telephone. There are five supervision sessions per 8-Week course, ten in total for the two, 8-Week MBSR courses. These supervision sessions are spread out in a way that promotes reflective learning and integration. We strongly recommend that students do not rush this process and only teach one 8-Week MBSR course at any single time, in this way maximising reflective learning and integration. You will be requested to audio record some of your MBSR group sessions which will then be submitted for assessment in phase 3 of the training. You will have up to 12 months to complete phase 2 of the training, extensions are available if needed.

Phase 3: Once you have taught your two 8-Week MBSR courses under supervision support you will be requested to complete and submit for final assessment your student portfolio which includes an audio MBSR meditation practice recording, personalised, MBSR curriculum workbook design and personal meditation diaries.

Once our assessment has been completed you will be awarded the Certificate of Competence in Teaching MBSR courses gaining the Qualified MBSR Teacher status. Our assessment will be informed using the MBI TAC (The Bangor, Exeter & Oxford Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria). This phase usually takes a month to complete, extensions are available upon request.


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