What is mental wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing can be said to b a positive state of mind and body, feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection with people, communities and the wider environment.New Horizons: DOH 2010.

Feeling happy, positive and content is a part of mental wellbeing, but it is far from the whole. There is a deeper, a more integrated kind of wellbeing, which is about living in a way that is good for you and good for others around you. Feelings of contentment, enjoyment, confidence and engagement with the world are all a part of mental wellbeing.

Mental health difficulties

At times when we struggle with mental health difficulties, such as anxiety and depression it can be very challenging to feel a sense of contentment and positive connection with ourselves and others. This can result in isolation which can often contribute to making us feel worse.

How can mindfulness help with mental health difficulties

Mindfulness is intended to teach people practical skills that can help with anxiety and depression as well as ongoing life challenges.  It is a therapeutic skill of working with one’s thoughts and feelings developing more acceptance of ourselves.

Through the use of  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) we learn to catch our selves in the moment going along old negative habitual thought patterns which contribute to our anxiety and depression and consciously choose to think something different. The idea is to introduce more acceptance and kindness, a way to be less at war with who we are and where we are which is paradoxically the best place from which to change. Mindfulness supports your recovery by offering you practical skills, enabling you to regain as well as maintain a sense of balance and mental wellbeing.

Many NHS Trusts now offer MBSR and MBCT workshops including Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
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We offer support to clients who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties such as: anxiety, depression, substance misuse

The techniques we use to support you in regaining as well as maintaining a state of mental wellbeing depend very much on you, your goals and your circumstances.

Following a detailed assessment we will reach a collaborative decision as to how best support you in moving  forward.

We offer the following:

This includes:

  • a basic assessment using IAPT  toolkit
  • an optional individually tailored MBCT audio CD to support you in your practice

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