Mindful Monday

What is the Mindful Monday Sitting Group?

A warm welcome to our new weekly Mindful Monday Sitting Group. This new group in essence is a quiet safe space where you can come and practice your meditation, in silence and unguided. This informal weekly drop in group will take place on Monday evenings. It is open to anyone who has reasonable experience with mindfulness meditation and would like to enjoy a “mini retreat.” Our intention is to provide a non-religious, neutral, safe and quiet space in which you can enrich and deepen your mindfulness meditation practice. You will be able to ‘drop in’ at any session without booking. We hope to build up a core group of regular attendees so that an atmosphere of familiarity is created, while of course being always open to newcomers. If you haven’t completed a mindfulness course and have no experience and wish to explore mindfulness then please click here

Who is the group for?

We can continue improving the quality of our practice by being in regular contact with our community. A community of practitioners generating a collective energy of mindfulness and concentration will help us a lot. Particularly when we’re just beginning to practice, our mindfulness and concentration might not be strong enough for us to recognise and embrace our pain, our sorrow and our fear. With a community supporting us, we have a better chance. – Thich Nhat Hanh

The group is for those who have completed a mindfulness based course either with the Dorset Mindfulness Centre or with another organisation and now wish to continue their practice in a silent unguided supported group setting.

You are welcome to join the Mindful Monday group if you have completed one of the following:

tick8-Week Mindfulness Based course

tickProfessional Mindfulness Practitioner Training (6 month course)

tick8-Week Self Compassion course

tickOne to One Mindfulness MBSR/MBCT course with Robert

tickOr if you have reasonable experience with regular mindfulness meditation and would like a safe quite space to just sit and meditate.

When and Where?

Dates: Mondays: November – 12th, 19th, 26th
The sessions will be each week when there is no Monthly Practice Group session. Future dates will be announced on the Events Schedule page.

Venue: Durley Dean Hotel, 28 West Cliff Road, Bournemouth BH2 5HE

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Self-investment: £5 for the evening to help cover venue cost.

The evening programme

tickWe begin the session with group introductions and sharing of the ethos and spirit of the group.

tickFollowed by a 30 minute unguided silent sitting practice of your choice.

tickFollowed by a 15 minute unguided walking meditation practice.

tickFollowed by further 15 minute sitting unguided practice.

tickFollowed by a short loving kindness dedication.

tickWe leave the group in what we call “Compassionate silence” without speaking in order to help carry the benefits of the evening into the rest of our day.

We will offer you a feedback from as we welcome reflections from participants so that we may fine-tune the format of the evening programme if needed.


Who will be facilitating the group?

Please note that Robert will not be leading the sessions. The group will have hosts rather than facilitators. The role of the hosts is purely organisational and logistical. They will not be offering teaching or guidance in the meditations. This group is mainly for individuals who are confident in their own ability to guide themselves. If you prefer a guided group and or have questions about your meditation practice then you are more than welcome to attend our monthly Mindful Practice Group lead by a mindfulness teacher Robert Gebka

What kind of mindfulness meditations can I practice?

The meditations are all unguided so we suggest that you choose a particular meditation that you feel you resonate with the most and self-guide your meditation. This means that you can practice any type of meditation, whether it is Awareness of Breath, Body Scan (you can lay down if you like), Self-compassion etc. Please refrain from practicing “chanting out loud or spoken mantra meditations ” as the sessions are in silence. However you are more than welcome to chant inwardly in silence, if you like.


What is the difference between this and the Mindful Practice Group?

The Mindful Monday Sitting Group is unguided and for people who wish to simply sit in silence. Although there are people who host the group there are no teachers to guide or offer meditation advice. Also, there are no opportunities to ask any questions or to share your experience. In this group you can chose what meditation you wish to practice. This group is 1.5 hours long. The monthly Mindful Practice Group is guided by Robert and is a longer 2.5 hour session. You can ask questions about your mindfulness meditation as well as share your experience with others. The monthly group will have a theme and each person will be invited to practice a specific meditation as guided by the mindfulness teacher. Please click below for more information on the Mindful Practice Group


What do I need to bring?

We will provide the safe space, lots of love, water to drink and chairs to sit on. If preferred, please bring your own meditation stool etc and or pillow and blanket if you wish to do a lying down meditation as well as a snack if needed.

Do I need to book the session?

You do not need to book as this is a drop-in group. We ask a £5 donation to cover the cost of the venue.

For more information please contact Richard or Liz

If you have a question about our Mindful Monday Sitting group we will be delighted to be of assistance.

Feel free to email us on practice@dorset-mindfulness.co.uk or give us a call on

01202 021 063 for a no obligation telephone chat
Or click here to use our CONTACT FORM


We can continue improving the quality of our practice by being in regular contact with our community. A community of practitioners generating a collective energy of mindfulness will help us a lot. – Thich Nhat Hanh