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Welcome to our mindfulness community page

You are more than welcome to contact any of us at any time. We have all completed the Dorset Mindfulness Centre 8-Week MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course and would be happy to answer any of your questions about mindfulness or any of our courses.

Lauren Bishop – Wellness Fanatic

Lauren Bishop

I completed the 8 week MBSR course in April 2015, and personally think it’s something everyone should do! Most of us have such hectic and busy lives, and are constantly connected to electronic devices. I’m so much more self-aware as a result of practising mindfulness, and it’s true that the more you practice the more you feel the benefits. I’m pretty busy at the moment – I work as a Wellness Coach helping people to make healthy lifestyle changes. Mindfulness helps keep me grounded and recognise when a bit more self-care is needed. I stretch mindfully every evening before bed, which is great for connecting with my body and winding down. Practising in this way regularly helps me to take a mindful approach in day-to-day life, which means I find myself appreciating the small pleasures a lot more than I used to! I now also volunteer on the MBSR course with the centre and am really enjoying it.


Lisa Ratnam – Nourishing young people

Lisa VolunteerI completed the Dorset Mindfulness Centre 8 Week MBSR Mindfulness course in December 2015. After reading about mindfulness I wanted to integrate it into my daily routine and for me the best way to do that would be through a practical, interactive course, that really brought it to life. At first it’s tough to make time for meditation but the more you practice the more you feel the benefits, especially on those really busy days! The interaction and group support during the 8 week programme was excellent and I am already seeing significant benefits in my life. Some of the benefits include clarity of thought, feeling grounded and calm even when times are tough, an inner strength and a greater compassion towards myself and others.After seeing the benefits in my own life I am keen to support others on their mindfulness journey and I’m looking forward to volunteering with Centre.


Mandy Jennings – Eating mindfully

Mandy Jennings DMCI completed the 8 week MBSR Mindfulness course with the Dorset Mindfulness Centre at the end of 2013 and continue to practice regularly. I personally find it helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression and I am currently interested in finding out more about mindfulness based weight loss. I have recently decided to become a Mindfulness Advocate for the centre helping to promote mindfulness locally to our GPs and am looking forward to supporting and encouraging MBSR graduates after they complete the 8-Week Mindfulness course.


Sue Robathan – Happier and Healthier

Dorset Mindfulness Centre Sue

I completed the 8 Week MBSR mindfulness course in September 2015 and was left with the benefits of feeling healthier and happier. As a practicing nurse and an ‘Melodies in Motion’ exercise therapist I believe I can bring elements of what I have learnt to my client groups and help them achieve a greater sense of well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually. After only 3 weeks of attending the mindfulness course I achieved a lower blood pressure than I have had in a long time despite the perils that were going on in my personal life at the time. With the new insights I gained on the course I was able to look at things in a new light and gain the strength not to buckle under the pressure. In summary, I feel healthier and happier, have more energy but at the same time feel more connected with the environment and the people I share it with!


David Snell – This moment is it!

David SnellI completed the MBSR course in October 2014 & still meditate daily. My highly-pressurised job was one motivation & I loved the neuroscience behind it all. Another catalyst was enjoying periods of being more naturally mindful & aware, whilst doing volunteer work abroad & decided it was time to cultivate this more in day-to-day life! Joining this journey with a group of other open-minded people & with Robert guiding, it provided such a conducive environment for improving overall well-being. It was the perfect foundation for mindfulness in general – that books, audio or the internet cannot do alone. I’ve since had some wonderful experiences resulting from approaching the world with ‘fresh eyes’, fuller consciousness & awareness of how everything is connected. If we are simply present in the moment & with the clearest of minds, the possibilities truly are limitless. I am now also volunteering with the Dorset Mindfulness Centre.


Liz Brereton – Free spirit

Liz-Brereton DMCI took part in the 8 Week Dorset Mindfulness MBSR course in July 2014. It was a huge challenge to do the 45 minute mindfulness bodyscan practice everyday but I began to notice changes in myself very rapidly. I felt cross, sad, angry and then I started to notice everything around me with a new pair of eyes…or more a new brain! The clouds seemed much prettier, and the sound of leaves blowing in the wind, almost musical….I found myself to be becoming more patient and less reactive. My continuing practice of Mindfulness is on the beach where I walk, as the sun rises, barefoot along the sand. And as I walk the thoughts that used to drone through my mind like lorries on the M1 are the same but pass now as Gondolas on the canals of Venice. This gentle process allows bits of me, long since hidden, to emerge and reveal themselves without suppression. And so I continue to become more and more me…


Lauren Guy – I help people speak

Lauren Guy DMCHi I’m Lauren. I work locally for the NHS as a Speech & Language Therapist, helping adults with communication and swallowing problems in the community. I learned about Mindfulness about 10 years ago from a student counsellor at university who I had seen for anxiety and sleep problems. I decided to take the plunge and do the MBSR course with the Dorset Mindfulness Centre in July 2014 and it has taught me the benefits of engaging in daily practice and bringing mindful awareness into everyday life. Another very important thing I have gained from doing the MBSR and extending my own personal practice is finding more self-compassion and forgiveness.


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