What is stress?

The nature of life is stress. We can say that stress in a natural human response to life conditions placed upon us. These conditions, also called stressors can be external situations, like a job situation, or they can be internal situations, like our own negative thoughts and painful feelings.

 The mindful approach to stress

Mindfulness works with the idea that we cannot always control or prevent difficulties from coming into our life, but we do at all times have some control in terms of how we react to those difficulties. It is the quality of our reactions to our difficulties that causes stress rather than the difficulty itself. In other words it is the subjective perception of the stressor that is important, rather than the difficulty or stress-causing factor itself. This is why not all stress is necessarily bad: some stress can be a motivating factor for change. In the end, the it is our inability to cope with perceived negative stress which can have serious adverse effects on our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

How does mindfulness reduce stress?

Mindfulness for stress reduction teaches and supports us in changing our constricted, fearful relationship which we have with our difficulty or stress into one of more fluidity, tolerance and skilful resolution.

Mindfulness can help you reduce stress by supporting you in managing your inner attitudes, thoughts and feelings and so help you become more aware of what it is that is causing you the stress while at the same time helping you recognise what emotional reactions you are able to change. This in turn will enhances your inner resources and ability to cope.

Many NHS Trusts now offer MBSR and MBCT workshops including Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

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The techniques we use to support you bringing more relaxation, ease and flow into your life depend very much on you, your goals and your circumstances.

Following a detailed assessment we will reach a collaborative decision as to how best support you in moving forward.

We offer the following to help you reduce stress:

This includes:

  • a basic stress assessment
  • an optional individually tailored MBSR audio CD to support you in your practice

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The UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recently endorsed Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT) as an effective treatment of prevention of relapse of depression.

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