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What is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Most of us find ourselves frequently ‘swept away’ by the current of thoughts and feelings, worries, pressures, responsibilities; wanting things to be different from how they are right now. This can be particularly powerful when we are faced with anxiety, depression, difficulties and illness that confound our attempts to find a solution or to feel better. Feeling stuck in this way can be draining.  Mindfulness can help us to work directly with the struggle we sometimes have in relating to life’s experience and in doing so can really improve the quality of our life.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is intended to teach people practical skills that can help with anxiety and depression and ongoing life challenges.  It is a therapeutic skill of working with one’s thoughts and feelings developing more acceptance of ourselves.

Through the use of  MBCT we learn to catch our self in the moment going along old habitual thought patterns that we know do not serve us well and consciously choose to do something different. The idea is to introduce more acceptances and kindness, a way to be less at war with who we are and where we are which is paradoxically the best place from which to change. Mindfulness focuses on the observation of thoughts and feelings and the recognition that thoughts are not facts; they simply are a result of being in the present moment.

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The UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recently endorsed Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT) as an effective treatment of prevention of relapse of depression.


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