Mindfulness in simple terms means awareness and we can say that this awareness is the foundation of all emotional healing and true inner happiness. With mindful awareness, openness and a sense of spacious curiosity we can learn to turn towards our stress and emotional suffering instead of being overwhelmed or running away from it. It might be a strange concept at first, but when we mindfully turn towards our pain (anger, sadness and fear etc) we can bring relief, healing and integration.

tickThe NHS and the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) now endorses mindfulness as an effective treatment for various health conditions including depression.

Although mindfulness is the necessary foundation for all forms of emotional healing we also often need self-compassion. Self-compassion invites us to cultivate a sense of kindness, gentleness and understanding so that we can bring a greater sense of comfort and soothing to the very emotions we feel are contributing to our pain and suffering. Self-compassion in short is a sense of kindness, and gentleness we would have towards a friend in need but directed towards ourselves. Research has shown that self-compassion greatly enhances emotional wellbeing, boosting happiness, reducing anxiety and depression. Self-compassion can also help us maintain healthy lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. Mindfulness together with self compassion will help to empower you to live your life with joy, meaning and true happiness. Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Self compassion Bournemouth, Dorset


Is Self-compassion effective?

Self-compassion is now scientifically validated and widely researched. Dr James Doty, MD a member of our Dorset Mindfulness Centre Advisor Board (click here for more information) from The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education is actively researchng the impact that compassion has on our sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Our 8-Week Self-compassion is based on on the Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC) approach created by the Mindfulness Association UK. The self-compassion approach is scientifically validated and supported by Bangor University.


A randomized, controlled trial demonstrated that Mindful self compassion significantly increased self-kindness, compassion for others, self-awareness, and general life satisfaction, as well as decreased depression, anxiety and stress. Click here to view the research article.




Liz-Brereton DMC

The self-compassion course was wonderful. I completed Robert’s 8 week Mindfulness course 3 years ago and I have been amazed and delighted at how this has helped me in my life. Robert is a sensitive and intuitive teacher who oozes humanity and warmth and is generous and engaging, so I was eager to take part in his Self-Compassion Course. The course invited us to find our own compassionate friend inside ourselves which was very a rewarding experience. Six months later I am still very much in touch with Self-Compassion and how transforming the gentleness and kindness I show myself and others can be. Thank you. – Liz Brereton


This self-compassion course is for you if you want to:

tickReduce self-judgement and enhance a sense of self appreciation and self compassion.

tickBegin to heal old unresolved emotional wounds and habits and live more in the present moment.

tickLet go of limiting beliefs and create happiness and success in your life.

tickLearn how to how to stop being so hard on yourself and be your own best friend.

tickCreate more head space, free from chattering thoughts.

tickLearn how to motivate yourself with encouragement rather than self-criticism.

tickTransform difficult relationships with skill and compassion.

tickLearn how to respond rather than react.

tickDiscover your true sense of purpose, meaning and happiness.

Taking part in the course – We offer full support

This course is designed to help you deepen your sense of awareness and compassion. We can say it’s the next level after taking an 8 Week mindfulness course. It is highly experiential and requires reasonable commitment. Learning a new skill takes time and patience before a greater sense of ease can emerge. However we offer all the support you need at all stages of the course. It is however important to remember that the course is not a form of therapy even though it is immensely therapeutic. You need to be able to commit to at least 40 minutes a day of self practice. This usually includes a 30 minutes of guided mindful self-compassion practice, some mindful movement as well as keeping of a simple personal log diary.

It is important to note that If you have a history of severe or major depression and are in doubt about taking part in the course, that you discuss this with your chosen health professional or GP. Mindfulness courses Bournemouth


Is this course right for you?

The 8-Week Mindfulness Based Self-compassion is based on on the Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC) approach created by the Mindfulness Association UK. This course is open to all people of all backgrounds, ages, interests and levels of well-being, however some basic knowledge and experience of mindfulness meditation is needed before joining this course. We usually recommend that you have some kind of an established self care routine through mindfulness meditation, yoga or other form of self-healing. If you have not completed an 8-Week Mindfulness Based course and do not currently have a regular meditation or self care routine we recommend that you either do our 8-Week or our 6-Week One to one Mindfulness for Life course. If you are unsure whether this course is for you then please contact us so that we may advise and support you.


I completed the course a while back now, and personally thinLauren-Bishopk it’s something everyone should do! I’m so much more self-aware as a result of practising mindfulness, and it’s true that the more you practice the more you feel the benefits. Mindfulness helps keep me grounded and recognise when a bit more self-care is needed. I stretch mindfully every evening before bed, which is great for connecting with my body and winding down. Practising in this way regularly helps me to take a mindful approach in day-to-day life, which means I find myself appreciating the small pleasures a lot more than I used to!- Lauren Bishop – Wellness Coach


About your trainers Robert Gebka & Helena Edwards

Helna-EdwardsRobert GEbkaThe course is delivered by Helena Edwards & Robert Gebka. Helena is an NHS Occupational Therapist working in the field of child and adolescent mental health, where she specialises in Sensory Integration Therapy. She is an experienced yoga, mindfulness and self-compassion teacher and has been successfully integrating these practices into her therapy work for quite some time. Helena has practiced yoga and mindfulness since her teens and is deeply dedicated to her personal practice. She is has completed extensive training in self-compassion with the Mindfulness Association and is currently completing a Masters degree in Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen. She lis especially interested in compassion-based mindfulness techniques drawing from both Tibetan Buddhist practices as well as the work of Professor Paul Gilbert and Kristen Neff.

Robert is a Qualified MBSR Teacher with the University of California San Diego Medical School USA (UCSD CFM). He is former Buddhist monk who lived, worked and trained for five years at the Nan Hua Zen Buddhist monastery before joining the NHS. It is during this time that he was fortunate enough to meet HH the 14th Dalai Lama. He is an accredited psychological counsellor and has completed a two year project in Mindfulness Based Interventions in an NHS psychiatric hospital with a clinical population. He is also the author Managing Depression with Mindfulness for Dummies. Robert studied the neuroscience and physiology of mindfulness with Neuragy UK and is a registered member of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. He abides by their Good Practice Standards for teaching mindfulness-based courses. His mindfulness work is supervised by Allan Goldstein, the managing director of the UCSD CFM. Read about Robert’s mindfulness journey and qualifications HERE. Robert is a member of:

NCS AccredUSA Cogntive AssociationMABNAFENS

Robert works in mental health for Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust and is CRB checked and fully insured.
Listen to Robert on soundcloud below.




Course content & structure/what do you get for your money
  • Initial no obligation telephone chat - A 15 minute interview to answer any questions you may have, and discuss whether the course is right for you at this time.
  • 8 weekly classes - 2.5 hour sessions, with mindfulness meditation, compassion mindful movement & self-compassion meditation, followed by group exercises and discussions.
  • Home Practice - 30 minutes every day, doing self-compassion meditations or gentle mindful movements, as well as mindful daily life activities.
  • Mindfulness Audio CD and Workbook - To support you in your mindfulness practice and learning, offering an opportunity for reflection of your experiences.
  • Day Self-compassion Retreat (from 10am to 4.30pm) - Between weeks 6 and 7 we will meet for a full day retreat in at our of our sea side Bournemouth hotel where we will practice mindfulness and self-compassion together.
  • Trainer Support - Whenever you feel the need for extra support in between classes, or would just like to talk some things through, you can contact Robert by phone or email


Course themes & dates

The course takes place at the Durley Dean Hotel, 28 West Cliff Road, Bournemouth BH2 5HE Dorset. The venue is 2 minutes from the sandy beaches of the magnificent Jurasic coast.


Course fees & payment details

The cost includes the informal telephone chat (if needed), 8 weekly 2.5 hour meetings, a full mindfulness retreat day between week 6 & 7, two mindfulness audio CDs and a course notes & Mindfulness courses Bournemouth.
The cost includes the informal telephone chat, 8 weekly 2.5 hour meetings, a full mindfulness retreat day between week 6 & 7, online mindfulness audio CDs and a course notes & Mindfulness courses Bournemouth.
Early Bird special: £195 until 1 February 2019 if paid in full.
Standard price: £225 per person.
Alternatively: £100 deposit to secure your place followed by £125 by 15 March 2019
Payments can be made via bank transfer, cheque or paypal. Contact us for paypal link option if preferred


I’d like to join, what do I do next?

Once you have read all the information about the 8-week self-compassion course and feel you would like to join then email me requesting a booking form. Alternatively if you have more questions you may wish to arrange a free (15 minute max), no obligation telephone callback.

For more information or an application form please contact Anna

Anna Dorset MindfulnessHello, my name is Anna and I am here to help you in whatever way I can. Whether you have a question about our mindfulness courses or simply want to know whether mindfulness could help you, I will be delighted to be of assistance.

Feel free to email me on or give me a call on

01202 021 063 for a no obligation telephone chat


Or click here to use our CONTACT FORM

This chat does not commit you to anything – we can discuss if the course is suitable for you at this time, and answer any questions you may have. Once you have decided that the course is for you, we will email or post you a booking form with all payment details.


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Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
- M. Scott Peck