What clients say

I enjoyed the evening. Lovely style. i would like to do more practice on being mindful and to expand on this. Thank you, you have sown a seed. Dr Peter D – Psychiatrist

Would definitely recommend to family and friends as have found the  techniques very helpful but would love to learn more and make it part of my life. Alison S

Thank you very much. I’m new to mindfulness and I found the experience very interesting overall. It was a bit difficult for me to truly relax in a group environment, at first but eventually got better towards the end.  Sandrine B

It was a beautiful experience and an enjoyable opportunity to practice and be reminded of some of the aspects I have learned already but don’t get to practice regularly. Trudie F

Excellent experiential evening! I live very much in my head with a busy buzzing mind. By the end of the evening I felt very “solid” and “grounded”. Lyn O

As someone who suffers from from anxiety and depression, going inside and being with my feelings has often been an unpleasant, sometimes unbearable experience. Working with Robert over the last couple of months using mindfulness techniques has had a hugely positive effect on my experience. For me the key difference in working with Robert, as opposed to my previous teachers, was that when I explained my experiences in meditation (not unusual experiences I understand with people suffering from trauma, anxiety or depression) he completely understood. Not only that, he was able to teach me techniques that specifically dealt with this issue and enabled me to find a pleasant or neutral place in myself to focus on and as a result, I now experience a much greater level of peace and calm. But the greatest impact is I now feel a sense of growing confidence that I can handle any emotional experience that arises in me. He also taught me how to bring this practice into normal everyday activities and this has had a tremendous effect on my physical and mental well-being. Remarkably this has all happened in just five one hour sessions. Working with Robert has profoundly changed my experience of meditation and I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone wanting greater peace and calmness in their life; especially for someone who like me who suffers from anxiety and depression. Lyn O – Business woman

Robert held a graceful evening full of relaxation, kindness and investigation into why the mind jumps around from place to place. The message I received during the evening, was to always be present and to view all events in the world without judgement. A wise message and one I hope to use daily. Noel L S – Chaplain

This is one of the best and most informative workshops I have ever been to. This has already given me great insight into the benefits of mindfulness and I am sure this will reflect in my practice as an Occupational Therapist, thank you – KJ Student Occupational Therapist

A lovely evening presented by Robert and Sarah – timely for me, as I’m well aware the busier I am the more I need to stop and linger in the present moment and be mindfully aware of all it holds. The discussions within the group, the guided relaxation, the brief wander amongst the stars and bright moon, the cold night air on our faces followed by the warmth and welcome indoors to experience the nuances of our tea meditation all brought a delightful sense of balance and harmony. I left for my drive home feeling refreshed, calm and centred. Margaret R – Dorset

An enjoyable taster session of mindfulness, the experiential aspect was great and very important to follow. Is it possible to have a follow up session? Thank you. S L – Borough of Poole

Robert, Just would like to say ‘thank you’ for your inspiring workshop tonight. I think you open many to at least thinking about mindfulness! Wonderful and certainly inspired me. I trust our paths will cross again soon. Sheela H – Artist

Robert’s class was fabulous in providing an environment to explore Mindfulness. Whether it’s a curiosity of the subject or a deepening of understanding, you come away relaxed and with a feeling of insightfulness. Jo L – NHS Ward clark

I recently attended a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) workshop with Robert and was completely blown away by my experience.   I was a little uncertain as to what to expect when I first heard about this workshop, but after reading a little about Robert and his work I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to meet this incredible man.

I have been suffering a great deal of back and leg pain, and was due to undergo spinal surgery the week following the workshop.  I wasn’t sure if I could attend the evening, as I didn’t want to disturb the other attendees with my constant shifting in my seat due to the pain in my legs and back… but I’m so glad I went.

Robert talked about his life experiences, which was fascinating and incredible, and he then expertly explained about Mindfulness and how we can use this in our everyday lives.  He gave us the most amazing guided mindfulness meditation, which focused on two areas of the body which I was determined not to visit – the back and the legs!   I have been avoiding focusing on these areas for some time, as they have been the cause of so much pain and distress.  During the meditation I found myself in a really deep state of relaxation, and afterwards my pain was practically gone.  This proved to me the power of mindfulness meditation, and it’s something I try to do myself regularly to ease my pain.  Unfortunately I’m not so good at meditating by myself… !!    I think everyone should have a ‘Robert’ in their life!  Jackie H – Therapist

I had counselling with Robert. Throughout our sessions I always felt supported and safe. Robert presented a very high professional standard, this was so helpful to me, as we worked through my personal problems which had become quite debilitating for me. With Robert’s help, I have become healthier and more empowered to deal with my life. Thank you. Terry R – Retired

The workshop was very well received by community members. They found the session relaxing, informative and practical, especially towards enhancing of their emotional well being.     Damaris M, Community Develpoment Worker

I had a coaching session with Robert and I must say that I found it of great benefit. He managed to help me to gain awareness of where it was that I was stuck in my life and at the same time I felt he have me the tools to move forward more positively and more passionately, Thank you Robert. Kehinde O – Reception Manager

Wow! What an amazing evening facilitated by Robert. His gentle and approach and informative teaching really did bring a returning to simplicity. Thank you– Paul W – NHS Mental Health Nurse

I genuinely found your sessions remarkable. My hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions with Robert really helped me with issues I had been struggling with for the last few years. I was comfortable during the sessions, where I felt relaxed and in control throughout. With Robert’s help I was able to overcome some major obstacles in my life.  Maheshwari S – Teacher

I had therapy with Robert and I liked his approach and understanding towards my needs as well as his professionalism throughout the session. Daniela M – Craniosacral Therapist

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your session the other night and it was great to meet you. I am very inspired by you and you are doing a lot of work in the fields that I am very interested in, mindfulness, life coaching and therapy work.” – Karen S , Yoga Teacher

The first time I saw you I was feeling really bad as I had a big problem with alcohol for a really long time. I needed a drink every evening, I would drink a whole bottle of wine if not more in an evening. It was a real addiction for me. I know that in many ways this is just the beginning of the healing for me, but for me it’s a great start. Thank you. Gerard P – Waiter

You made me feel very comfortable and did not try and force ideas on why I have the troubles I have, you let me tell you what I believed was causing my irritations and you listened without judgement. I would definitely recommend you to other people if I ever meet anyone who would like to go for mindfulness or personal coaching.  Rene W – Surveyor

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